How to Make $10,000 in 7 Days: A Step-by-Step Guide

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6 min readSep 22, 2023

Get ready to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and embark on a thrilling journey to financial success.


Imagine being stripped of all your money and resources, left with nothing but the clothes on your back and a hustler’s mentality. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make $10,000 before a seven-day timer runs out. You will regain all of your lost wealth if you are successful. However, if you fail, it will never be recovered. We’ll look at five actions you can take in this post to pull off this apparently unattainable feat. Prepare to release your sense of adventure and set off on a fascinating road to financial prosperity.

Step 1: Flipping Trash

Have you ever visited a dump or a scrap yard? If so, you might have noticed the abundance of unwanted goods left to rot or be destroyed. Surprisingly, flipping these seemingly worthless items can be the quickest way to generate quick cash from nothing. One man’s trash truly can be another man’s treasure.

Go to your neighbourhood library and use their free computers to get started. Spend a couple of hours researching what items are selling well on platforms like Facebook Marketplace and eBay. Look for popular subcategories including collectibles, furniture, antique apparel, electronics, and uncommon things. Choose simpler, more portable goods that are smaller in size.

For example, old Game Boy cartridges are currently selling for thousands of dollars. If you can find a couple of these in good condition, you could achieve your $10,000 goal surprisingly quickly. Make a comprehensive list of these high-demand items.

Next, visit the junkyard armed with a few free plastic bags you’ve picked up from the supermarket. Spend a day digging around and see if you can find any items from your list. You’ll be surprised at the hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Fill up your bags with these treasures.

Once you have your items, head back to the library to use the computer and create engaging and informative descriptions for each item. Highlight their uniqueness and potential uses. Remember, high-quality photographs are essential for selling items online. Borrow someone’s phone to capture attractive images that will catch the attention of potential buyers.

List your items on Facebook Marketplace and don’t just wait for sales to roll in. Take advantage of public footfall by visiting tourist-heavy locations and selling your items in person. Maximize your opportunities by being proactive and determined.

Step 2: Buying a Tool

While flipping trash can generate quick cash, it might not be enough to reach your $10,000 goal within seven days. Investing in a tool can significantly increase your earning potential by enabling you to accomplish more in less time. With limited resources, choosing the right tool is crucial.

Consider purchasing a used iPhone, as it opens up numerous side hustle opportunities. An iPhone allows you to take advantage of various apps and services that can help you generate income quickly. Search for a reasonably priced iPhone and invest in a SIM card with unlimited data for social media.

Once you have your iPhone, take advantage of investment platforms like Moomoo, which offer free stocks worth between $2 and $2,000. Sign up and see if you get lucky with a valuable stock. Set aside the rest of your money for food and accommodation, ensuring you start each day with a fresh slate.

Step 3: Offering a Service

If you have no money to invest, offering a service-based side hustle is your best option. Leverage your skills and expertise to provide valuable services to others. While various services can be offered, one option stands out in terms of demand and potential profitability.

Consider offering video editing services, specifically focused on repurposing longer videos into short, engaging clips for platforms like TikTok. Many content creators lack the time or resources to do this themselves, making your service highly valuable.

Spend a day creating the best possible clips from long-form videos that you believe have the potential to go viral. Use AI-powered apps to add captions, music, and B-roll, making the editing process quick and easy. Send these clips to creators, offering them for free to showcase your skills.

Additionally, post the videos on your own TikTok and YouTube accounts, with a pinned comment letting people know they can hire you for similar services. This strategy helps build your portfolio, attract potential clients, and test the popularity of your service.

As your clips gain traction and creators see the value in your work, start charging $25 per edit. Increase your prices based on demand, potentially reaching $50 per edit. While editing can be time-consuming, it’s a profitable step towards reaching your $10,000 goal.

Step 4: Upgrading and Productizing

Now that you’ve proven your ability to make money with your service, it’s time to upgrade your equipment and increase your productivity. Reinvest your profits to enhance your workflow and provide an even better service to your clients.

Sell your current iPhone and use the funds to invest in a higher-spec model. The latest iPhones are optimized for AI apps, allowing for faster and smoother editing experiences. This upgrade will enable you to produce more clips in less time, increasing your earning potential.

Remember, regardless of the tool you choose, always reinvest your profits to enhance productivity. Consistently recycle your money to avoid starting from scratch. While you continue to edit clips for immediate income, focus on your bigger business plan to achieve your $10,000 goal.

Step 5: Pre-selling

It’s time to make use of your most important asset as the challenge draws to a close: your portfolio of work and customer success stories. Your case studies hold the key to gaining lifelong clients and a reliable source of income.

Rather than focusing on immediate earnings, dedicate the next two days to closing long-term clients. This means living off your last $25 until you make a sale. While challenging, the potential rewards are significant.

Offer a package of 20 short edits per month for $1,500, along with a premium one-off package for $5,000. While it may seem unlikely to sell these high-priced packages, having them available positions you to attract high-value clients. Even if you don’t secure these clients, you’ll gain valuable feedback and insights for future endeavors.

With determination and persistence, aim to close seven clients on the $1,500 package, resulting in $10,500 in revenue. Offering a money-back quality guarantee can help alleviate client concerns and make it easier for them to hire you.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully navigated the five steps to make $10,000 in just seven days. This challenging journey tested your entrepreneurial skills, resourcefulness, and ability to adapt. Although this strategy may not be long-term viable, it shows the strength of imagination, tenacity, and strategic thinking.

With this tremendous feat under your belt, the opportunities are boundless. Use your newfound knowledge and experience to continue exploring unique opportunities for financial success. Whether you choose to pursue flipping trash, providing services, or investing in tools, the key is to remain focused, adaptable, and open to new possibilities. So go out there and turn your hustle into a thriving business!

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